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PR Job Watch

As reported in PR Week last week, there is an every growing PR community on Facebook.  As a recruiter who is always interested to hear what’s going on in the industry I’ve joined lots of the PR related groups, including Alain Desmier and Alex Pearmain’s PR and Communications Network – the fastest growing PR group on Facebook.

Today, I created the group PR Job Watch.  A free and easy to use space for recruiters to advertise their jobs and for PR professionals to keep an eye on the job market and ask for career related advise.  It’s the first PR job group on Facebook and I’ve let lots of our competitors know that it’s there.  It’s about time there was somewhere that PR recruiters can debate the issues of the industry and collaborate -and it’s cheaper than advertising in the back of PR Week, who have had a monopoly on PR job advertising for at least as long as I’ve been recruiting in the industry.

Come and join us, you don’t have to be looking for a new job – it’s a great place to network with other PR folk and pick the brains of PR recruiters.

Join Facebook (if you haven’t already) and search the groups for PR Job Watch.  See you there!

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Headhunting Social Media Style

I’ve recently decided to take advantage of all the lovely information on the interweb and start networking a bit more proactively with fellow bloggers.  Yesterday, I tried a quick experiment of emailing some internal comms bloggers to see whether I could pick their brains on the internal comms market who they rate as the top practitioners.  I had varied results. 

Marc Wright of and Charlotte Butler of both suggested I use their sites for advertsing – at a price, obviously.   

Wayne Clarke called me up and we had a good chat about internal comms and who is doing great things out there – thanks Wayne!  His details are firmly in my contact book.

Lee Hopkins came back to me on email and suggested a number of avenues to try.  First on the list was to contact Neville Hobson. Your fame is far reaching Neville!  I am of course already in touch with Mr Hobson ever since our sponsorship of Delivering the New PR.  Watch this space for an innovative use of Second Life that we are partnering with Neville on.  Secondly, Lee said I should try Linkedin.  Again, I’m already on Linkedin and have in fact made a few contacts that way.  I definitely don’t use it to its full potential though so it’s a big kick in the pants for me to do more. 

The final two suggestions were the ones that really interested me.   Firstly I was directed to JOTW and Ned Lundquist.  From a recruiters point of view this is an extremely interesting development in job hunting.  Thousands of people worldwide share their knowlege on who is recruiting and what they are looking for.  I contacted Ned immediately.

The last idea was to look at IABC and search for UK internal comms professionals, which I did but not with any great results.  It’s certainly something I’ll be keeping an eye on though.

Check out Lee’s podcast with Peter Vogt at eBay, it makes for interesting listening for internal comms bods.  I’ll be keeping in touch with Lee too!

Social Media networking is one of the ways forward for headhunting I feel.  Headhunters have been networking for years.  I’ve spent hours trawling through my contact book and asking top level PR people "do you know anyone that could do x, y and z?".  Journos also get the odd call, although they’re harder to gleen information from.  They’re always keen to know what’s in it for them.  My answer to that is, my undying gratitute and help to move into PR when you’re fed up being a hack.


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